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Shorten WooCommerce Product Titles

WooCommerce is a free and the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress. It is packed with features and has everything you need to run a small to mid size online shop. It is not as powerful or customizable as Magento, but it is incomparably easier to set up, host and manage. It is under active…

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Ubuntu in the Cloud

How to Fix Invalid Locale Setting in Ubuntu 14.04 in the Cloud

If you use Ubuntu in the cloud, specifically in AWS, you may see this warning message after SSHing into your server:

If you than try to install any new packages with apt-get or even restart/reload an existing service, you may get this error message:

The fix is pretty simple. Edit the /etc/environment file…

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How to Fix Strict Warnings in Drupal 6 Running on PHP 5.4

If you are using Drupal 6 and your host suddenly decides to upgrade their PHP version from 5.2 to 5.3 or 5.4, your site will most likely continue to work, but it will start throwing a bunch of strict warnings, even for non-logged users. The warnings will be similar to these:

Since the errors…

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Cannot Create Virtual Environment in Vagrant In Windows 8.1

One of the web projects that I am working on uses—broadly speaking—MongoDB, Django, and Python. There are other technologies involved too, but these lie at the core. The project is then deployed on Amazon EC2 instances which run on Ubuntu 12.04. I do not work on the project by myself, but in a small team…

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Microsoft Wired Keyboard 200

USB Keyboard Switching On and Off in Windows 8.1

I have been having a strange problem on my new PC which runs on Windows 8.1. My keyboard—just a basic, simple USB Microsoft Wired Keyboard 200—would seemingly just randomly switch on and off. This was quite annoying, particularly in games, as when it switched off it would sometimes take two key presses for it to…

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Microsoft Does Not Want Your Money

Microsoft has over the years been the target of much public frustration and grief. Whether rightly or wrongly is mostly in the eye of the beholder and depends on which side of the fence you sit on. You may love them, you may hate them, but as usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle.…

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Screenshots in Chrome Render as Black

I often need to take screenshots of various webpages that I browse. For some time I was using the default Mac screenshot-taking ability, but it was not exactly convenient. The major disadvantage was that I was not able to take screenshots of whole web pages (i.e. pages spanning more than one length of a browser’s…

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Magento Password Reset Not Working

Your customer forgets a password to her account in your Magento shop. “No problem,” she thinks, “I’ll just reset it and all will be fine.” Full of innocent optimism, she clicks on the “Forgot your password?” link on your site, enters her email address and hits “Submit”. But instead of receiving her new password, she…

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Install Older Versions of iPhone/iPad Apps

Like many people, I use Dropbox to store some of my data in the cloud, sync it across different devices and share with others when needed. Some of the folks I work with send materials and design files for their websites via Dropbox as well. It is easy to use, works well, and I have…

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Remove Empty Form Input Fields

When a form is submitted on a website, it automatically sends all its input fields even if they’re empty (because the user didn’t fill them in). This is not always a problem—for example, if the form is sent and processed on the server and the user never gets to see what is happening under the…

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