Permission denied (publickey) When SSH’ing into EC2

Recently I needed to add a new admin account on my EC2 instance, but once I created the account, I couldn’t SSH into the server for some reason. I was getting denied with Permission denied (publickey). error message. I tried the usual tips, such as: 1) Ensuring that the permissions on the user’s .ssh folder are 700…

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Adding a New Admin User on AWS EC2 Ubuntu Instance

If you can already SSH into your Ubuntu based AWS EC2 instance with the default ubuntu user and and the default key file you generated in AWS, but need to add another admin user with their own private key, here’s how to do it: 1) Let’s assume the IP address of your instance is 123.456.789.123…

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MailChimp, Gmail, and Strange Gaps Under Your Images

One of my clients asked me to design a MailChimp newsletter template for them. Newsletter templates can be a pain as there are literally dozens of email clients, providers, browsers, and platforms that the newsletter needs to work with. Not to mention that many of these don’t support web design techniques that commonly work in…

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